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21 songs / 21 fics / 1 soundtrack

21_songs - The Fanfic/fanmix community
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21 songs / 21 fics / 1 soundtrack

] W E L C O M E [

Welcome to 21_songs; a fanfic/fanmix community. Where the songs that you listen to all the time turn into the words of a story.

] R U L E S [

1) Make your claim here! Pairings/Characters can be claimed by three differnt users, so make sure to double check if your pairing/character still has an opening.

2) When your claim is accepted, you may begin posting your fics in the community. Your fics must relate to the song you picked. You should be able to listen to the song and relate it to your fic. (ex: If your song is a breakup song, then the fic must be breakup related)

3) Songs are open to whatever. Any genre, any language, etc etc. No limitations on this.

4) When you are done, go back to the comment on the claims post and tell us that your claim is done. We'll cross you off and make you a nice banner 8D

5) Also, when you are done, put together all the songs you used and put them up for download. You can use massmirror.com to upload the fanmix or any other mirror site.

6) If you read all the rules, put in your comment subject when claiming "DJ, DJ, Ready or Not". If you don't, we'll delete your comment without heistation.

7) If you have any additional questions, contact either one of the mods, miraclepaint or bringthefate.

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